Personal Loans

When you need a loan for an important purchase, Engage FCU is here to help. From new and used vehicles, to personal loans for any purpose, to options that can help you rebuild your credit, we have you covered. In most cases payments can be set up for painless payroll deduction. 

If you are shopping for a loan, be sure to check Engage FCU for your best rates and terms. We can often make loans when other financial institutions can’t. For people with less than perfect credit, check with us before you borrow with non-traditional lenders offering exceptionally high interest rates or unfavorable terms.

Credit Builder Loans

If you’ve had some challenges with your credit in the past, we want to help you get back on track. Engage FCU offers two options for getting the loan you need and allowing you to improve your credit history over time.

Savings/Share Certificate Secured Loans

If you have funds in certain types of Engage FCU deposit accounts, you may be able to turn that money into a loan. A secured loan borrows against the value of money in a savings account or a share certificate. Making on-time payments helps you boost your credit history.

Signature Loans

Our signature loans can cover you for a variety of borrowing needs. It’s perfect for short-term borrowing situations or for occasions when unexpected expenses need to be repaid over time.

Vehicle Loans

When you’re ready for a new set of wheels, you’re ready for a loan from Engage FCU. We offer very low rates and competitive terms for new and used autos, trucks and SUVs. 

Micro-Enterprise Loans

Whether you’re starting a new business, need cash to meet ongoing expenses, or you’re ready to expand or purchase equipment for your business, Engage FCU offers just the right loan for you with low rates and terms that are guaranteed to help you succeed. 

 Contact us and see what we can do for you.